New Patients

All new patients are required to obtain a referral from your Primary Care Doctor. Please view and follow the process below.

Our step-by-step process for becoming a new patient

This info graphic outlines our basic process for all new patients at our practice.

Fill Out Patient Forms Online

To start our patient registration process you will begin by filling out our new patient forms. These forms are required for all new patients. Select your Doctor to begin, upon submitting each form you will be taken to the next form in the process. When you are done a final thank you screen will appear letting you know the process has been completed. If you need assistance please call (800) 454-9246.

Desiderio F. Ines, M.D

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Evelyn P. Navarro, M.D.

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Robert J. Seledotis, D.O.

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Moises S. Googe, D.O.

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Prefer to fill out by hand?

No problem! Simply give us a call at least a week before your appointment so we can mail the forms to you or come at least an hour before your appointment to fill out the forms in our waiting room.