About Us

Excellence compassion & appointments
in a timely manner.

Our Mission

To deliver the highest level of neurological and neurosurgical care to our patients in a manner that conveys our team approach and support for collaboration.

Our Vision

To ensure that every patient encounter, whether in the office, by phone, or hospital setting conveys our team’s capability and concern in addressing the health care issue before us.

Who We Are

Kent Neurological Associates, P.C. was founded in 1976 and serving the community with highly qualified neurosurgeons and neurologists. Our physicians are a skilled, specialized team who work together to provide the highest level of care to our patients.

Located within the Historical Damon Hatch House in Grand Rapids Michigan that was built in 1844.

Our values

As Physicians and employees of Kent Neurological Associates, can be summarized in the acronym of CARE:


Compassion for our patients and their families; Competence evidenced by knowledge and expertise; Communication, with honesty and empathy, with all with whom we interact.


Appreciation for the trust our patients place in us: Attitudes of welcome, support, and concern.


Respect for our patients, their families, our co-workers, colleagues, and ourselves; Responsibility to follow through on the details of the health issues we face and to seek an optimum outcome.


Excellence in all aspects of care, whether medical, surgical, nursing, or administrative; Empathy, as we seek to understand each person with whom we interact; Enthusiasm and a positive approach to our professions and to our commitment to improving the health care of our patients.